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Sofitel Singapore City Centre

supports The Art Faculty!


Sofitel Singapore City Centre celebrates the talent of artists with autism by curating these gifts with The Art Faculty, a social enterprise in Singapore. There is always room to include and accept persons with special needs. We hope these gifts make your stay with Sofitel Singapore City Centre all the more meaningful. Find out more about our products and artists by clicking on the links below! Browse through our website for the full collection of The Art Faculty products.


Family Gift Set










Animals in Merlion Park I


Animals in Merlion Park II
















Big Feast




Comfort Food


Hawker Food



Couple Gift Set




Adipocytes & Bivalvia - Red


Callistoma & Jasminum - Red


Adipocytes & Bivalvia - Black


Calliostoma & Jasminum - Black


Gift Set of 4 - Red




Red Adipocytes 


Red Bivalvia


Red Calliostoma


Red Jasminum


Black Adipocytes



The artists behind the motifs



Aaron James Yap

Aaron's art, often teeming with adorable cartoon animals, is whimsical and highly imaginative. His treatment in his pieces suggests a desire for an idyllic world where everyone is warm and friendly. Aaron is friendly and joyful, very much expressed in the vibrant colors he often uses.

Chester Sim

Chester engineers robotic and hybrid figurines by combining re-used objects like mechanical parts, cutlery, bolts and nuts. He has now taken to illustrating them, in detail, alluding to the Victorian Steampunk genre. Chester’s renderings are as cool as the dude himself.



Dylan Yeo

A fierce fan of cars modern and vintage, Dylan draws them dimensional and highly detailed. He also enjoys illustrating varied vehicles on isometric graph paper – offering a rather curious quality to them. Furthermore, he makes miniature car models using just paper, a sharp cutter and his dexterous mind!

Fong Bok Loong

Combining his interest in cuisines and his talent in observational drawing, Bok Loong illustrates delicious food so realistically, we can almost taste them! His keen attention to detail is also evident in his carefully drawn architecture and nature artwork. A self-proclaimed perfectionist who must get every detailing just right, Bok Loong has turned this autism trait into a talent!



Gavin Rodringuez

Gavin creates grand compositions of pirate ships and warships. He renders his ships with uncanny sea-worthy realism and detailing. In fact, you can sense the movement of his ships, navigating in a relentless ocean – a voyage made in pencil, ink or acrylic.

Janelle Seah

Janelle enjoys painting cute and joyous characters. Alphabets and animals are her favourite subject matters. She is fond of combining interesting animals and alphabets together. Her artworks portray a sense of humour and joy to viewers.



Joshua Chong

Joshua sees beyond the fierce façade of a supposed monster. He loves Godzilla fervently and it is evident in his detailed rendering of the complicated creature. Joshua clearly lives by the mantra of “seek first to understand”.

Ng Li Jie

Li Jie is extremely motivated to master every possible painting technique he can glean from books and courses. He enjoys creating highly realistic scenes of nature using acrylic, water-color and oil paints. He explores abstract concepts in some of his work, too.



Nurul Amirah

Amirah has a keen eye for patterns found in nature. She also expresses herself with bold lines and vibrant colours. Combine those  qualities together, and you get a marvelous collection of motifs and artworks.

Seetoh Sheng Jie

Sheng Jie is extremely pedantic about dinosaurs – the spelling of their full paleontological names, their detailed expressions captured in the miniature replicas he creates – everything must be done just right. No reference books are used. All his figurines and illustrations created from his personal knowledge.



Simeon Tan

Simeon’s art often includes robots and technology. His paintings are very colourful and strongly articulated with sweeping line work that lends movement to their composition. Simeon also enjoys working with clay and metal. His nifty fingers work with impressive strength and speed, forming and shaping his imagination into terrific creatures.