The Art Faculty is a platform to promote the special talents of people with autism and related challenges. Individuals with autism have different abilities, gifting and talents. They too have aspirations in life and if given the right opportunity and support, they can contribute meaningfully to society.

The Art Faculty is designed for interchangeability and functionality. It is an art gallery, a training ground, a studio, a shopping venue, a DIY workshop buffet space as well as an art café. It is set up to encourage the larger community to come and know more about autism and appreciate the art created by these unique individuals.

The Art Faculty features the artwork and merchandise of talented students and alumni of Pathlight School who are in the school’s Artist Development Programme (ADP). Under the ADP, student artists are nurtured and taught by professional art teachers. They are given opportunities to exhibit their works and have them developed into high quality products and merchandise. Artists earn royalties from the sale of their artwork and merchandise.

We invite you to see the world from their perspective.


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