Our Flagship Store at Enabling Village will close at 1pm on Thu 15 Feb 2018 and open as usual on Mon 19 Feb 2018. Pathlight School Outlet will close at 12noon on The 15 Feb 2018 and open as usual on Tuesday 20 Feb 2018.


Corporate Gifts

Not merely to fulfill protocol and obligatory gestures, Corporate Gifting communicates sincerity, reminds one of the working relationship and creates a brand imprint. Top all of that off with a clear positioning that yours is an organisation with a soul, by choosing gifts from our differently-abled student artists. You have options to use Readymade products, create Bespoke* items, or Commission** a fresh artwork.

A strong social messaging with a quality product will make a highly retainable impression. To enquire specifically about our selection and your bespoke needs, please email our Head of Marketing & Fundraising, Ms Carol Lee at carol.lee@autism.org.sg

Your gifting needs – tailormade!

Bespoke Production requires a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 200 to 500 pieces. Prices of artwork will vary.
Commissioned Artpiece requires about 2 months for completion. Prices will vary for different artists, complexity and size of artwork.

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