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SP Animal Exodus Pouch Animal Exodus

By Tay Jun Yi


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Description of Product: High grade canvas pouch, embellished with the popular Animal Exodus drawn by JY, now with a choice of Giraffe or Elephant Charm. Each pouch comes with quilted lining and an inside zipper compartment. Dimensions: 20.3 cm x 29.9 cm


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Jun-Yi loves to draw a myriad of animals in vicarious situations. He engineers subtle nuances of social interactions among the animals he draws, which he himself rarely takes the initiative to partake in. With just a black marker pen, he draws each animal without any hesitation and each carries a different expression. Jun-Yi is a cheerful person who brings much joy to everyone around him, and such is the effect of his art, too! He is also part of The Animal Project’s artist collective.

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