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Bundle - Snack Surprise (Café Motif)

For serial snacker... (You know who you are!)⁣
Gift this to a friend who can't stop the munchies. ⁣

Included in Bundle:⁣
• The Art Faculty Eco Lunch Box in CAFE MOTIF design. Reusable and made of Sustainable Wheat Fibre, to snack on your new Biscotti. 
• Bake & Bake Biscotti*, freshly baked in Singapore! A snack without the regrets⁣

*Randomised assortment of Biscotti: ⁣⁣
Pistachio / Wolfdate Multigrain / Trio Nuts


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Lunch Box 

Dimensions: 14.6 x 14.6 x 6.2 cm
Material: Wheat Fibre

• Food grade natural wheat fibre approved by FDA
• Tolerates food with temperature 0 to 100ºc;
• Dishwasher safe;
• Microwave safe up to 90ºc;
• Washes easily using dishwashing liquid; avoid abrasive scouring pad or brushes.


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