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Invertible Pouch/Tote – Godzilla

New stock arriving in Jan 2019.

By Joshua Chong
Godzilla Pouch that converts to a Tote, with the Pouch still holding your belongings. It cannot get more functional than that! Emblazoned with gold Kaijus drawn by our #DifferentlyAbled artist Joshua.


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Product Details:
- Serves as a Pouch on one side, trendy Tote concealed inside the other side;
- Two sets of 2-way zippers;
- Pouch stays functional on the expanded Tote
- Cotton camouflage fabric. 

Dimension: Folded 22cm (W) x 16cm (H). Unfolded including handle straps 70cm(H) x 40cm(W)


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By the same Artist


Joshua sees beyond the fierce façade of a supposed monster. He loves Godzilla fervently and it is evident in his detailed rendering of the complicated creature. Joshua clearly lives by the mantra of “seek first to understand”.

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