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Art for Autism 2021 - Singapore River In The Past Framed

(Original Artwork) “When I think of nostalgia in Singapore, the one thing that always comes to mind for me would be the Singapore River. With its long meandering flow and the bustling boats that it had in the past, this piece would be a fine way to reminisce on the past times you had, where life was difficult yet simple.” - Jian Wei


All artworks will be delivered after the Art for Autism 2021 Exhibition has ended, on 1 August 2021. 



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Dimensions: 61 x 46cm

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Frame: Customized Black Frame


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Choo Jian Wei

Jian Wei is a quiet observer and a deep-thinker. The poignant, honest scenes he puts on paper or canvas are very emotive and compelling. Even his still life drawings of inanimate objects seem to convey more than technical art skills.