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ALIVE - Scented Candle inspired by Kopi-O (150ml Glass Vessel; 40hrs)

Motif by differently-abled artist, Sean Bay, is inspired by local drink "Kopi-O” which translates as “Coffee Black". This local beverage is typically made from heavily roasted coffee (sometimes with butter!). Some call it "jet fuel" coffee! 



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Box Dimension: L8cm X W8cm X H9.2cm. Volume: 150ml. Weight: 460g Description: Made with high-quality Australian essential oils, perfume oils, hand-poured natural soy wax and lead-free cotton wick. Burn time 40 hours.


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Sean enjoys creating portraits and caricatures of famous personalities. His strong style of generous etching and bold colors makes each portrayal very instinctive and honest. Sean is also passionate about public transportation. A hilarious guy himself, Sean sometimes uses humor in his art – he loves making people laugh.