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Cushion Cover - Smith St by Glenn Orange

by Glenn Phua

Tangerine, Jade or Peony? Add a touch of Chinoiseries with this set of cushion covers in 3 vibrant colours, featuring a nostalgic scene of outdoor Chinese Opera with signature artwork by our #differentlyabled artist Glenn //Colour combos: Orange, Pink, Green


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Dimensions: 45 cm x  45 cm
Material: Muslin

• Vibrant Non-fade sublimation print 
• High quality thick Muslin fabric
• 2-colour weave. 


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Glenn loves doodling Cantonese typography, architecture and liquor bottles. His keen attention to detail alludes  to that of Mr Steven Wiltshire, the renowned British artist with autism. Glenn has produced a vast collection, the form of art prints and products, of unique perspectives of famous skylines, as well as heritage landmarks. Nothing escapes his high stamina ink work.