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Bamboo Fibre Cup 400ml - Voyage

By Sarah Wong
Let's do our part for the environment. This Sustainable Bamboo Fibre Go Cup (400ml), showing off an artwork by differently abled artist Sarah, will reduce your use of disposable cups. Sarah earn royalties when you buy this cup. It's a cup that keeps on giving!


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• Dimension: H14.5cm X D8.5cm. 400ml.
• Weight: 200g
• Food grade natural bamboo fibre approved by FDA and LFGB.
• Tolerates beverage with temperature 0 to 100 degree celsius.
• Dishwasher safe.
• Do not use in oven or microwave.
• Washes easily using dishwashing liquid. Avoid abrasive scouring pad or brushes.


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Sarah has a free-spirited way with patterns. She enjoys harmonizing diverse elements in clever and intricate compositions.  Her medium of choice-colored pencil and ink.