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Sustainable Stainless Steel Straw Set - Bandung

Motif by Sean Bay is inspired by local drink "Bandung" which is a refreshing iced drink of Rose Cordial with Evaporated Milk. Let's do our part. Say no to plastic straws. Regular drink size straw and bubble tea pearl-size straw comes in your own personal canvas pouch, with cleaning brushes to match.


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Product Details:
• Regular Drink Straw Size: D0.5 cm X L26.7 cm
• Bubble Tea Straw Size: D1 cm X L26.7 cm
• Comes with drawstring bag and 2 sizes of cleaning brushes
• Food Grade 316 Surgical Steel 


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By the same Artist


Sean enjoys creating portraits and caricatures of famous personalities. His strong style of generous etching and bold colors makes each portrayal very instinctive and honest. Sean is also passionate about public transportation. A hilarious guy himself, Sean sometimes uses humor in his art – he loves making people laugh.

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