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Lacquerware COASTER (Set of 4)

By Leong Tung Seng


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Product Details: Dimension: 11cm by 11cm by 3.5cm. Premium Lacquerware Comes with Upholstered Gift Box. Featured Artwork: War Memorial, Chinese Garden Pagoda, Esplanade, Singapore City Waterfront


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Leong Tung Seng, 17, was born in Selangor, Malaysia and he moved to Singapore in 2008. He was diagnosed under the pervasive developmental disorder spectrum when he was about 3, which was followed with 2 years of home-based behaviorial theraphy that helped him immensely. At nine, Tung Seng started attending art classes at My Favourite Art House. He exhibited his artwork in International Art Expo at Martrade, Kuala Lumpur three years later. Since Feb 2009, he has taken up canvas painting with acrylic at My Art Space in Singapore. Tung Seng paints with intricate and colorful backgrounds, with buildings and public transportation as his favourite topics.

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