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Eco Beeswax Food Wrap – Bumble Bee

Premium artisanal beeswax wraps crafted from quality ingredients to replace plastic food wraps. Our wraps are reusable up to 12 months. By choosing our beeswax wraps, you are participating in a global movement to save our earth. Available in 5 designs by our differently abled artists. 


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  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 inch 
  • Perfect for bread loaf, dough, baking dish, leafy vegetables 
  • Washes easily with damp towel or cold water and mild soap


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By the same Artist


Janelle enjoys painting cute and joyous characters. Alphabets and animals are her favourite subject matters. She is fond of combining interesting animals and alphabets together. Her artworks portray a sense of humour and joy to viewers.