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Kopi Break Care Pack - Banana

by Asher Won⁣
A bundle for the coffee addict. Perfect for a mid-day perk-you-up. ⁣⁣
Included in bundle: ⁣⁣
• Bamboo Fibre Cup - Banana⁣
• Toast Box Coffee (Set of 3)⁣⁣ - Kopi, Kopi O & Kopi O Kosong
• Assorted Bake & Bake Biscotti (35g) ⁣⁣


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Bamboo Fibre Cup

Dimensions: D8.5cm x H14.5cm⁣
Volume: 400ml⁣
Material: Bamboo Fibre⁣

• 200g⁣
• Food grade natural bamboo fibre approved by FDA and LFGB;⁣
• Tolerates beverage with temperature 0 to 100ºc;⁣
• Dishwasher safe (excluding lid);⁣
• Do not use in oven or microwave;⁣
• Washes easily using dishwashing liquid; avoid abrasive scouring pad or brushes.


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Asher draws cartoon, animals and cute sea creatures. His doodles are often very humourous. Drawing with strong lines and solid fills, his work is graphical and bold.