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TAP Chameleon Collection

by Foo Thong Keen 

A beige duo set of a distinct and unique animal - the Chameleon! A roomy tote & matching pouch to fit your everyday items and much more. 


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Beige Chameleon Zipper Tote ⁣
Dimension: 42cm (H) x 35cm (W) x 26cm (Handle)⁣
• Zipper closure⁣
• Inside: additional pouch compartment ⁣

Beige Chameleon Pouch⁣
Material: Canvas
Dimensions: 19.5 cm x 24 cm⁣
• Inside: additional zipped compartment 


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By the same Artist

Foo Thong Keen

Thong Keen enjoys illustrating expressive and colourful dinosaurs. He creates artworks of nature and other animals, too. His animals often carry a bewildered expression – eyes open wide and jaws dropped in disbelief. Thong Keen also specialises in illustrating expressive and colourful dinosaurs. He is also part of The Animal Project’s artist collective.

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