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Dino Denim 14" Multicase

by Seetoh Sheng Jie

Featuring the famous "Dino" Motif, this functional multicase is perfect to keep your belongings safe. The 10" multicase featured a sturdy metal zip, whilst the 14" multicase has a magnetic flap that stash your items quickly. 


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Dimensions: 44.7 cm X 32.5 cm
Material: high quality dark indigo denim

• SJ's signature white Dino all over print on high quality dark indigo denim
• Functional magnetised flap for 14" Multicase
• Also available in 10"


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Sheng Jie is extremely pedantic about dinosaurs – the spelling of their full paleontological names, their detailed expressions captured in the miniature replicas he creates – everything must be done just right. No reference books are used. All his illustrations and figurines are produced from his personal knowledge!