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Pocketbook Bundle - Cow

by Joshua Lim

Get these useful bundles with 1 Tall and 1 Short pocket books. Retro “legal pad” pages, thread-stitched binding detail and special editions of art on snow card covers. A meaningful gift too, because these 10 artists earn royalties while you get to own a copy of their art. 10 designs to choose from, also available separately in Tall ($11.50) and Petite ($9.50) sizes.


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Dimensions (Tall - Opened) 24 cm x 21 cm
Dimensions (Tall - Closed): 12 cm X 21 cm
Dimensions (Short - Opened) 20 cm x 15 cm
Dimensions (Short - Closed): 10 cm X 15 cm
Material: Paper

• Special edition artwork on snow card cover;
• Cotton thread-stitched binding; and
• Retro "legal pad" pages.


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