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Gentleman's Washbag (Black) - Paper Boats

by Chester Sim

Crafted by Tocco Toscano. Curated by The Art Faculty. A roomy yet structured Gentlemen's Wash Bag is all you need – ready for every toiletry need. Embellished with "Paper Boat" motif by #differentlyAbled artist Chester Sim, you'll be a savvy traveller sailing through anything thrown your way. Comes in #black and #navy.


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Dimensions: 23cm X 13cm
Material: High quality padded nylon with leather detailing

• Silkscreened Motif on nylon
• Comes in a hard gift box 


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Chester Sim

Chester engineers robotic and hybrid figurines by combining re-used objects like mechanical parts, cutlery, bolts and nuts. He has now taken to illustrating them, in detail, alluding to the Victorian Steampunk genre. Chester’s renderings are as cool as the dude himself.

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