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Teacher's Day is coming! On 3 Sep 2021 to be exact. 
Thank a teacher, mentor or guide in your life. They've helped us navigate this tumultuous past year.
What to get them? Here's a specially curated Gift Guide to show them appreciation, while giving back to our artists with autism! All under $20 because it's not the price but the thought that counts! 💖



Dear teachers, thank you for helping me grow!


Our teachers help us grow - both in an academic and personal setting. Show your appreciation with these gifts that are both functional and sustainable for the planet's growth. 



1. Bamboo Fibre Cups ($18)



Paper Planes






2. Beeswax Wraps ($15)


Bumble Bee


Hawker Food





You are the 'write' teacher for me!


Teachers constantly remind us to reflect on our actions and to do the right thing. Gift a notebook to show that you've practiced what they've taught and to allow them to jot down their reflections as well! 


3. A5 Notebook ($18)



Chai Chee Shophouse


Supertree Grove


Merlion (Yellow) 



Dear teachers, thank you for giving me a safe space to learn.


Our teachers provide us a safe space to share and learn. Gift these items to make sure your teachers stay safe and keep their items safe too!



4. Face Mask ($15)









5. Mini Pouch ($12)



Dino Grey




Ten Sushi


6. Lanyard & Cardholder ($8)



Orange Blossom


Lady Bug





Dear teachers, thank you for FILLING me with knowledge.


Thank you teachers for FILLING us with knowledge and advice. Gift back these delicious pins to FILL them with delight.



7. Hawker Food Pins ($12)



Cha Siew Bao







More thoughtful gift ideas for Teacher's Day:


If you still can't decide, why not treat your teacher to a yummy meal at Professor Brawn!

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