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Do you have a physical store? 

Yes! Our Flagship Store is located in Enabling Village, 20 Lengkok Bahru, #01-07, Singapore 159053. We have an outlet in Pathlight School Campus 1 and other concession stores around Singapore. Click here for full details.  

What are your operating hours? 

The following are our usual operating hours. However, do keep updated on our social media handles for any changes.  

Flagship Store | Mon – Sat: 9am – 7pm (Closed on Sundays & P.H) 

Pathlight Campus 1 outlet | Mon – Sat & P.H.: 9am – 9pm (Closed on Sundays)  

(Online Shopping) 

How do I make an online purchase? 

Click on "LOGIN" at the top right of this page. To create a new account, hover over "LOGIN" and click "Register". Key in your personal details, followed by "Create your new account". For returning customers, fill in your Username and Password under "Returning Customer". Proceed to add items into your cart!  

I created a customer account but I haven't received the email confirmation. What should I do? 

Check your junk or spam folder! If it's still missing, contact info@theartfaculty.sg and we'll get that sorted for you.  

I don't want to create a PayPal account, can I still complete the purchase? 

Yes! PayPal is simply the platform for online payment. If you do not want a PayPal account, check the box "No, I don't want an account now" at the bottom of the payment form.  

I did everything that I'm supposed to, but I'm unable to "Checkout". What should I do? 

Take a screenshot of the error report or what you see on screen. Drop an email to info@theartfaculty.sg with the screenshot and we will help you!  

The item I want is sold out! What should I do? 

Drop us an email at info@theartfaculty.sg. Some items may be limited in quantity or not in production anymore, but we will do our best to help!  

Why are all your artworks "Out of Stock"? How do I purchase them?  

All artworks follow an "Order-to-Print" system, where we do not keep artworks in-stores but produce them when there is demand. To purchase, drop us an email at info@theartfaculty.sg indicating your interest in: 

  • Artwork Name  
  • Quantity
  • Framed? Not Framed?  


What are the delivery options? 

Find details on delivery options here.  

Can I deliver products to somebody else? 

Yes! Once you've added all your items to your Shopping Cart, click "Configure your addresses".  Then click "Add Address" and fill it up! Choose this new address as the "Shipping Address".  

What are the delivery charges like? 

Find details on delivery charges here.  

Can I ship outside of Singapore? 

Yes! Once you input your international address, the system will configure to adjust to this new address.  

(Corporate Orders) 
I would like to make a corporate order. Who should I contact? 

For corporate orders, drop us an email at info@theartfaculty.sg.