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The Art Faculty is a platform that celebrates the abilities of people with autism and related challenges. We promote and showcase their special talents. For every sale of artwork and product, our differently-abled artists earn royalties to learn the value of work and financial independence.  

The Art Faculty collaborates with brands, retailers, organisations, social enterprises and art practitioners to maximise the potential and showcase the talents of artists with special needs.

Developing Our Student Artists

The Art Faculty is the appointed Merchandise & Art Representative of Pathlight School's award-winning Artist Development Programme (ADP). Launched in April 2011, ADP is a signature programme that aims to uncover artistic talents in students and develop their potential. Under ADP, professional artists are engaged to work with talented students to nurture their talents.

Art coaches hone our student artists with art skills and teach them good work habits, too. They are exposed to numerous art media and genres, but each of them arrives at their own unique style and subject focus. Here, their autism traits are turned into strengths. Some are able to execute highly detailed architectural renderings, while others are experts in a specific subjects, such as animals or nature.

Support Inclusion. Celebrate Abilities with The Art Faculty!


Visit us soon, but for now, here is a video to help you understand what we do at The Art Faculty by Pathlight.


Hear it from the coaches and student artists. Watch this short clip for more about the Artist Development Programme.


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