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Picnic Mat with Pegs Holder – Ocean Mosaic

by Sarah Wong⁣

Waterproof picnic mats for a day out with family and friends! No more worrying about that accidental water spillage ruining your picnic. Take it to any location – the garden, the beach or even a pool party! Just watch the droplets slide right off. Our new and improved version allows you to peg corners to a soft ground, so that our designs are always beautifully displayed!


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Dimensions: 140 cm x 140 cm⁣⁣
Material: Coated Oxford Cotton⁣⁣
Weight: 400g⁣⁣

• Waterproof⁣
• Folds compact with a snap button strap ⁣
• 4 key holes at the corners with pegs to hold the mat in place


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Sarah Wong

Sarah has a free-spirited way with patterns. She enjoys harmonizing diverse elements in clever and intricate compositions.  Her medium of choice-colored pencil and ink.

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