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Art for Autism 2021 - Light in Darkness (4pcs)

(Original Artwork) “Development is continuous. The journey of growth is neither smooth nor easy. Growing a nation through unity, even the darkest storms can be conquered. Light in the Darkness portrays three phases: the past, present, and future. Every dot is a microcosm of time and events. Experiences from the past created a guiding light to the present, which paves ways to the future.” - Li Jie


All artworks will be delivered after the Art for Autism 2021 Exhibition has ended, on 1 August 2021. 


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Dimensions: 50 x 70cm (x4)

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas


Latonyanah Latonyanah

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Ng Li Jie

Li Jie is highly motivated to master every painting technique he can glean from books and courses. He enjoys creating highly realistic scenery using water color, acrylic & oil paints. He dabbles in abstract expressions, too.

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