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Secret Garden Pouch (Original)

by Jolie Lim

Showcasing the whimsical garden scene from Jolie's Secret garden. This pouch is roomy and useful as a pencil, digital carry-all, make-up bag, casual clutch, travel toiletry pouch.


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Dimensions: 21.7 cm x 18 cm x 4.4 cm
Material: Canvas exterior with polyester blend inner lining

• Silkscreen printed


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By the same Artist

Kaylan Lim Jolie

Jolie’s characters have a mischievous, but joyful streak in them. We can only suspect is her own way of celebrating how happy she has been since joining ADP. With a marker or fine pen, she draws very quickly and intuitively. Her illustrations of birds, cats, frogs and lizard characters are so quirky, they put a smile on your face. Jolie’s “Secret Garden” has inspired renowned artist, Ernest Zacharevic, to create a stunning mural on the facade of The Art Faculty at Enabling Village. Jolie is also part of The Animal Project’s artist collective.

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